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In a land steeped in mysticism, spirituality, and religion, the imagination of the followers has much room to flourish. Stories abound – some based on truth and some only on fractions of the truth. Nevertheless, these stories have enchanted their listeners for eons. Kahi Suni packs away our skepticism and takes us on a ride through the legendary tales of India. Each destination covered in the episodes has been the birthplace of a legend and each legend has given rise to the recognition of that location. Following our host Sara Khan from north to south and east to west across the country, we journey through lands with mythical backgrounds uncovering the origins of every story.

episode 6 | sarnath

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episode 7 | chintanpurni

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episode 8 | raja ram temple

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episode 9 | adalaj vav

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episode 10 | rani roopmati |...

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episode 11 | rani roopmati |...

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